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About Me:

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work. I believe in working hard, really hard for you. And I believe in providing consistently amazing images every wedding I shoot (please take a look at my blog for my recent and consistent work).

I've been passionate about photography for the past 30 years and I love shooting weddings because I get to capture that emotion and love that you share with family and friends with creativity and passion. The father of photojournalism, Henri Cartier Bresson called these moments of love and emotion “decisive moments" and described them as fleeting, elusive and sometimes hidden. And that's what I love capturing while also capturing the essence and inner beauty of who you are on your wedding day.

My style for weddings combines contemporary photojournalism and portraits where I capture the story of your wedding day. The great thing about weddings is that everyone is happy (usually) and having a wonderful time together with family and friends.

I’m not about internet hype or photoshop manipulation to make my photographs look good. And I’m not an Instagram photographer who treats your wedding day like a movie set and directs all your special moments and then adds color filters to your photos to give your wedding a “vintage” look. Yes, I do light retouching, but feel that most of today’s wedding images are way overcooked. If you like super saturated photos with crooked horizons and skin that looks like plastic, I’m not the photographer for you. Do I do any directing on your wedding day? Sure, I do the posing for the formal photos, but I like to have fun and I’m not going to over pose you into someone that you aren’t.

So although this is the About Me section, it is really about you. It is about your love, your emotion, your essence, your decisive moments, your family and your friends. It's about your story. And I love capturing it all for you.

So please take your time and enjoy my work. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. I would love to hear more about your wedding plans.


Dave Donovan